Positive Attitude, Positive Life!

Welcome to my blog!!

My name is Susan Garcia. I’m a hard worker 23 year-old pursuing a career in the Journalism field. And I’m extremely excited to tell you what my blog will be about. Being positive is essential, this is the key you need in order to accomplish anything in life. And it’s very important to empower that, and pass it on. My mission is to help you out to empower yourself! by sharing with you tips, and plans for you to be ready to conquer the world. I wasn’t always a positive person, it took me life lessons and inspiration from others that shaped the positive person I am now, and the life  I am living. This is what inspired me, to share this with you. Besides sharing what helped me, I will have different mini series each week, interviewing different people from the bay area that will inspire you and will fill up your mind with all kinds of ideas, to accomplish your life goals. And as a community we will empower each other.!


To start warming up, check this two out!!

Are You Actually Living Your Life To The Fullest?

Maybe, the most inspirational video ever…


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