“Lack of Motivation It’s What Stops You. It’s Not Your Education, Or That You Don’t Have Certain Skills. It’s Yourself Motivation!”- #BADASS Woman Of The Week!

Do you take initiative? Or do you like the waiting game?
You might want to rethink that and start making moves now. 27 year-old Mona Hernandez  Starbucks and Food Service Manager shares how she gets what she wants in the workplace.
“I ask, I’m one of those people that likes to learn new stuff” said Mona. She started in Food Ave as a team member in Target.
After 4 months, she asked her team leader Maxine if she could move somewhere else because that was too easy for her, if she stayed there she was going to quit.
Being good at multitasking, and fast learner, her team leader asked her if she wanted to try clerical? 033
After that she took initiative, and ask her HR (Human Resources), what did she needed to do? Because she wanted to do more.
She took the offer and started working with the team more. And little did she know that this was going to inspire her to become a team leader.
“When I used to do clerical, I did it because I like helping people, I would do it genuinely, because I liked to help the team, not because more pay, for me it was motivation, I wanted to do it. I wanted to learn more.”
“From Starbucks I learned everything I could, for me it was more of self-motivation, I did it because I wanted to” said Mona.
By doing Clerical she felt like she was already working with the team. But there’s certain amount things to do when you’re HR.
As a team member, you’re limited, and can’t do certain things like Mona wanted to do. She wanted to be able to help more her team.

“I wanted to be able to say I can help you because I am your team leader” she said. People that asked for her help, she wanted to tell them that if she was their leader, she would go out of her way to help them because it’s simple.
“If what you’re asking me it’s possible, I know how to work schedules, I know how to work around it, I know how do it.” Said Mona. People would ask for certain days for school and their team leads would say no.
“I would be like that’s not fair, I do the schedule, and I can see that you can so why wouldn’t you do it if you’re the boss.” That’s what Mona thought for these type of situations, she went through as an HR.
She saw Starbucks, and Food Ave team struggle for a while. Every two to three months there was a different team leader.
Since she started as a team member in Food Ave, she felt that she could help.
“when I wanted to become a team leader, everyone was okay with it. It wasn’t like, oh I can’t see her doing this, either way I was going to do it.” She said.
When she did her interview to apply as a team leader. There’s a paper that tells you a description of what a team leader should be like, and she said she almost had everything.
“The only thing that I felt like I needed practice, was how to talk to people in certain way. I speak casually but as a leader I have to think before I speak, talking professionally without sounding rude.” She said.
As a leader, Mona had the right thoughts. She also said, “My team motivates me to do better. Everyone I work with motivates me to do better. Every time something happens, I ask myself what could I have done better? To be successful? Or how could I have helped this person?”
Being a woman and a boss people would be surprised she is the manager. “I’m easy to talk to. I know what I’m doing it’s not a big deal. I don’t know what would people expect, maybe someone that feels above than others which is not okay because everyone is here to do their job, same way I am. Same way you are.” She said.
From her experiences, and her “go getter” attitude, her empowering words to anybody that wants to move up, in the workplace was this;
“Not to give up, there’s a lot of people, and that I’ve seen that they’re told; oh, you wouldn’t be accountable to be a team leader, why?
Just because one person says you can’t do it, doesn’t mean you can’t. You do in a different way, you have different specifics talents and things that you can improve.
You can learn those things, is practice and hard work. You can always move up. It doesn’t matter what it is, you can do it.
Lack of motivation it’s what stops you. It’s not your education, or that you don’t have certain skills, it’s yourself motivation.”


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