“I Shouldn’t Base My Whole Life On One Person. I Need To Make Time For Myself. Which If I Get Married Again, I’m Sticking To Running.” #BADASSWOMAN Of The Week!

When was the last time you focused on yourself? Before you had kids, before life responsibilities’, before you fell in love, and out of love? It can be hard to get back on the road after you invest time on others than yourself.
Patty Pipkin is a 26-year-old strong, and dedicated single mother that her journey as a woman and mother hasn’t been that easy but those situations helped, find herself.
“I started walking, then I started running, and running with my dog, then without my dog. Then I started doing hikes and more outdoors” said Pipkin.
On 2016 she did three races and for 2017 has done one already, and four more to go, one of them is the half marathon in Disneyland. Pipkin found running as a life ritual, where she can inhale positive attitude and exhale the negative.

“My kid, she keeps me positive, there’s times when I wanna crawl in a whole and have no one bug me, but really I started reading, I started running, and I think about Sophia” said Pipkin.
Because she was married already once, she learned more things about marriage. From watching other people and working with older people.
“I mean we were younger, it was difficult I get that. So now if I even get married again. If it happens again, I know exactly what I shouldn’t do. I shouldn’t base my whole life on one person, I need to make time for myself. Which if I get married again, I’m sticking to running.”
She said it would be her therapy for two hours during the day, get it as much as possible. “Even if it’s an hour of relaxation, drinking wine, watching scandal by myself. It’s cool. I’ve been by myself for so long, I really really enjoy it. I enjoy my space. It’s important to make time for yourself, it keeps you in sanity. it makes you happy” said Pipkin.
When her daughter Sophia is gone, she feels like a single person. Not a parent, just a single person but when she’s with her. She’s a hundred percent parent. Pipkin said “but she’s my number one priority in life.”
The best thing about being a mom, Pipkin said was watching her five-year-and half old daughter grow up. Watch her facial reactions to everything, and how little by little she’s turning into a mini version of her.
“She’s a silly girl, she puts joy in everyone’s lives” she said. Since she started making changes in her life, she does the same for her kid.
“I try, we have rules at my house. There’s no candy unless there’s a special occasion. She doesn’t get chips or a treat. No TV Monday through Thursday, at least I try. There are times that I give up. Cookies are okay because I like to bake them, but I try not to bake them” Pipkin said.
Pipkin laughed and said; “I haven’t gotten to that part yet. I do have flaws and I do forget things,” after being asked how does she keep track of everything.?
Yet she says, she uses her calendar for everything. “I even put on my cycles in there. I gotta keep track of everything. I’m just a very organized person but I do let things slip, a lot. Being organized is the key” she said.
Pipkin has been taking it serious about taking care of herself. And has challenged herself this year, with a bigger long term goal.
She wants to be a business woman. “Yes, my business is going up and running in October. And it’s gonna be bongdigiti!” she said with excitement.
Pipkin has been wanting to invest time, and money on her business dream that she put on hold, because of unexpected life circumstances. But now it stopped being a dream, and it’s now her biggest goal.

“Don’t be scared, just do it. Be like Nike and just do it. I’m scared because I putting money on something that could work and can fail. And if it fails, then you know what I learned my lesson. And I will be working as a slave for someone my entire life. But if it works I can say, I wasn’t scared to do it” said Pipkin.
She has done research, planned her goal, with who she’ll be partnering with, what does she need to become an organizer of events. And has a timeline by when she wants it to be running.
With determination, and dedication she will accomplish her goal. And this just might be the beginning to witness her journey to become more than a dedicated mother but a business woman.
Pipkin married at a young age, even though it didn’t last a lifetime. It gave her an empowering life lesson, to become a great mother, what to consider in a relationship. And to become the best version of herself.
Single, no single, kids, no kids. It doesn’t matter what’s your situation because the common goal is to keep true to ourselves. Find our own way to inhale positive energy, and exhale what we don’t need.
Once we find that therapy, or what motivates us? anything it’s possible to achieve, and who to be. And Patty Pipkin is a great aspiration for that.

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