My Don’t Snap Attitude playlists!!


Stressful days, I usually know how to manage my time, and how to take care of myself as well.
But the last past few weeks I felt challenged on what could I change to handle my stress on unexpected changes with work, life, school midterms, and assignments due on the same date from all my classes.
When I’m always busy and stressed I always make some time for myself, at least dedicate a day to treat myself but it didn’t work out that way last time.
I didn’t have time at all to do my favorite things, and it overwhelmed me but I knew that I had to get things done, and found and unusual way to motivate myself that I want to share with you guys.
Music, Motivational speaking, and books helped me out. It sounds simple but what makes it different, is that I have different playlist that I use on certain situations.


I have my Chill playlist, which I named my L.A Road trip playlist because my friends played nice tracks on our L.A trip. It was so good that I had to make it a playlist. I may not be able to treat myself because I have work to get done but I listen to this to help me calm my stress. It has reggae, R&B, bachata


My workout playlist consists of music that makes me want to dance. And I just started incorporating motivational speaking.
From the last interview, I had with Quee Nie, one of the tips she shared that helps her get things done was listening to Les Brown and any motivational speaking from You Tube.
I started doing that and it had helped me a lot. She’s right I forgot the work I had to do when I was working out because I was so focus listening to the speaker.
I don’t just listen to motivational speaking now but also, I listen to self-help books. It made a big change in my life in a way that I listen to this on the daily, doing a workout, when I wake up, drive, before a job interview. Anytime I need to feed my confidence, and positivity I listen to my favorite self-help books.

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