“SweetSexySavage” #Badass Empowering Music Album!!

From listening, Taylor Swift’s classy heart broken, and empowering music to badass album “SweetSexySavage” by Kehlani. There’s not a day I don’t listen to her music, for several reasons.
One, she keeps it real. I feel that her music represents my twenties. That’s why I feel so connected to it. Second, she’s from Oakland representing the bay area. And just dropped a mixtape with G-Eazy, “Good Life” soundtrack from “The Fate Of The Furious” movie playing on screens, April 14,2017.
This song is on fire, and by the way G-Eazy is from Oakland too. Both Oakland kids creating great music.


Inspired look on Kehlani.


Let’s start off, with the first track from the album.

Track 1- “Keep On “
Cause I ain’t been the best that I coulda been
I ain’t do the shit that I shoulda did
But every time I come crawling on my knees
You’re there
And you just keep on taking me back
And I don’t know why you do
Cause I’m no good to you
And you just keep on taking me back
In your open arms, maybe I belong
And you just keep on taking
You can yell and you can curse and call me a bi@…
Probably have the right to do
You can tell the world that I’m a narcissist
I would think they’d listen to you……..

For this song, I don’t have a personal connection. Is not the typical song where guys are the ones that like to play games, but it shows women do too. Not being ready for a relationship yet, expects that one guy to keep on taking her back. The beat from this song, got me right away. I know what it says, it is basically describing a girl admitting, she messes with a guy’s feelings. And that causes guilt the makes her think, it’s okay for the guy to insult her, and let it out. After deciding she wants to, and always ends up with him.
Whether you think that’s completely wrong, it still shows the other side of being a woman.

Track 2- “Distraction”
Do me a favor, pick me up, take me out later
Don’t worry about no paper
‘Cause I got much stacked up for nights like this
My life can get crazy, I deal with sh%… on the daily
But baby, I’m thinking maybe
We could agree to work it out like this
I need you (you, oh) to give me your time (give me your time)
I need you (you, oh) to not wanna be mine
Are you down to be a distraction, baby?
But don’t distract me…..

And Kehlani starts to narrate my life. This song can be interpreted in different ways, it all depends on your beliefs when it comes down to be in a relationship. Not only the chill beat from this song, but I consider this song a love song. When you’re focus in life goals, it’s hard to consider make time for love in your agenda. This could be confusing, for instance I do enjoy being with you, and love spending time but I’ve got things to deal with. Are your down to work it out this way, with no attachments. Usually guys will ask this, but kehlani switched the roles, and she’s just saying that women are equal as men. When it comes down to priorities.

Track 3- “Piece Of Mind”
To be honest, I think we spend so much time trying to find answers for things
And maybe it’s just not meant to be answered
I think sometimes the best things are in the unplanned and the unknown
And sometimes when we balance back and we do it, we don’t know how we did it, we just do it
It’s something in us, whether that’s our intuition
Whether that’s the way we been raised
Whether that’s down to even what we put in our bodies
Do you get?
So I think, I think that can remain a mystery
And I think that’s okay for it to remain a mystery
Does that make sense?
Tryna forget all of the messages
Tryna forget all of the stressin’
‘Cause damn it was
Tryna forget all of the secondary
Feelings I had, man, it was f@$..’ scary

Piece of mind, it’s such a peaceful song to listen to. At a certain point in our lives, we can all relate to this. I don’t think this song makes me sad, but it helps me appreciate the decisions I’ve made in the past, in my love life. It’s all about moving forward.

Track 4- “Undercover”
You know they don’t wanna see us together
But it don’t matter, no, ’cause I got you
Anytime you’re under the weather
Babe we can always go
If I gotta pull up on you, on the east side
In the late night, in a disguise
You know I could pull up on you, keep you all night
We could stay right, on the safe side….

Watching You Tube on her album reviews, most people didn’t like this song. I love it. I think it’s a fun song, especially if you have a crush on someone, or even talking to someone. This song gets you in a lovey dovey mood. And the beginning of the song, it reminded me of “Don’t Matter” by Akon. I think it was a mini mixed throwback.


Another inspired look on her.


Track 5- “Crazy”
Everything I do, I do it with a passion
If I gotta be a bi%.., I’mma be a bad one
I’m AI with the designs du-ragging
Bounce back game good, why we talkin’ practice?
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Pull up score when I want to
Best thing, next to Heaven
They be tryna count me out though
I’m just countin’, countin’ blessings
A real woman bout her paper
Ni%… don’t know where I came from
Boy I really really came up
You never could say I’m lacking
All the shit that I’ve been through only made me more of an assassin
I kill ’em, I kill ’em, I kill ’em with compassion
And baby if they askin’
Tell ’em, I go crazy, crazy
Live for the challenge, only makes me stronger
One more reason to turn up on ’em
I go, I go, I go, I go crazy, crazy…….

And this is why, I love Kehlani. Her women empowering songs. This song it’s so great, every time I listen to it, I feel so confident. And ready to conquer my day. I could have a bad day, and soon as I hear this song, I’m completely fine.

Track 6- “Personal”
They sleeping, they sleeping, they sleeping, they sleeping on me
But I don’t waste my time tryna prove that I’m something to see, oh I
The real ones they know and the ones that do not I don’t need
‘Cause mostly the vision and I give reasons to believe
That I’m honest, I’m honest, I’m telling no lies
When I say I’m up next I’m not just for the ride
Never a point when I questioned my mind
Know what I’m doing, I pay for this time
Come up regardless, I’m comin regardless
I’m hungry, I’m starving, remaining a topic
Never an option, got your undivided whenever I’m plotting
Don’t take it personal, personal, personal
I know it hurts to know,
I don’t want it (na, na, na), don’t need it (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Don’t take it personal…….

Alright, this savage side I love it. This song it’s full of an empowering message. It’s not about being picky, playing hard to get, being stuck up. It’s about knowing your value as a person, and to own it. And remind those who try to mess you up, who they are talking to. “The real ones, they know. And the ones that do not I don’t need.”

Track 7- “Not used to it”
don’t mean, I don’t mean for it to sound so damn common
I don’t mean, I don’t mean for it to sound like I’m jawsin’
But when I say it’s hard to open up to you
It’s hard to get close to you
I want it with everything in me to one day just say I’m in love with you
But I’m not used to it, I’m not use to it, I am not
All single mothers in my family
Don’t know if you’re really understanding me
Never seen a ni%.. be a real man
I never seen a ni%… with a real plan
And I still never been to a wedding
And I just see my family stressing
Over son’s who grew up with no daddies and every generation
Was all just raised by my granny…..
This song proves, she keeps it real. She talks about real situations, where a father figure is not always in the picture, and not just that but how hard as a woman it is to open to someone, when experiences with men have never been well. I do feel personally connected to this song. Some men in my family have lost my respect, this type of situations does effect on how you see relationships. And how hard it could be to be in one.

Track 8- “Everything is yours”
End of the day, you was my first
At the end of the day, you’ll know you’re worse
I love you shawty, shawty
You know you my shawty, shawty
I need you to make me happy
There will never be nobody
My ring is yours (save it, for me)
Everything is yours (save it all for me)…..

The sweet side starts to show up. This a very nice super relax romantic beat to it. When love takes over.

Track 9- “Advice”
You have a way with words
Your silence is a curse
You always seem to break me down, down, down
My swollen heart you curve
Your comfort makes it worse
I don’t want you around, ’round, ’round, ’round

Cause how is the man of my dreams not a man of his words?
And how is the man for me just a man that makes me hurt?

It’s time to take my own
Take my own advice…..

This song will give you chills. Again, she keeps it real by explaining that we do know, what we are doing. We just don’t want to follow our own advice.

Track 10- “Do you dirty”
Swear you see the good in me
But that don’t beat the hood in me
And I got my intentions and use
Guess I’m make believe ’cause baby, I know, baby, I know
I, I’m a do you dirty
Say you love me now, baby, it’s too early
I, I’m a do you dirty
You think you love me now, I think you should be worried
I fed you lies and you just ate ’em up
And I don’t care to do the dishes
I ain’t no wifey, ain’t gon’ hold you down
It’s way more fun to be the mistress…..
SweetSexySavage, I think this song has all three. Kehlani shows different personalities of women in this album. This song is awesome, it shows the wild side of a woman, that most don’t like to talk about, or show. And her verses are on fire. Friday night before you go out with your man, feel free to listen to it. You and your guy might end up having a blast.

Track 11- “Escape”
Never did I think I’d want you
Always seen you ’round my way
Never had the strength to tell you
I kinda, sorta think you’re great
Strange for me to wanna love someone who’s better by themselves
Hate to know that I made you crazy for myself

‘Cause I don’t want you thinking that my love’s in vain
‘Cause baby I’ve been falling for you but falling back up out your way

‘Cause I can’t make you lose yourself
L looking for me
And I can’t let you make me your, your everything
I just wanna be an escape….

A lovey dovey song. I consider this song, the sweet side of “distraction.”


“Too much of a woman, too much of a badass”


Track 12- “Too much”
You know I’m more than just a girl
That you can meet walking down the street
I think you know that I’m the one
That you want in your company

I’m too much of a woman
Too much of a woman
Too much of a bad ass bi%…
Too much of a boss, baby, it’s your loss
Now you gotta live with it….

Yes kehlani preach. This song starts playing, and I won’t stop playing her album again. Listening to her songs in the morning, trust me it makes you do great decisions throughout the day. And not to waste your time with anyone.

Track 13- “Get like me”
I don’t mind when I catch you stare me all the way down in my thighs
Makes me realize

That I’m shy and just a little awkward
But you bring it out of me, out of me
This song has all three again, SweetSexySavage. Not only it has a lovey dovey vibe but if you’re talking to someone, or think on someone specifically. You get very excited, looking forward to see this person, because they really do bring out, that side of you. Side you didn’t even know you had.

Track 14- “In my feelings”
If this isn’t love
Why do I feel this way?
Why you got me so obsessed with you?
Why you got me wasting time laying next to you?
Why do you tell me, “come over,” to watch you just stare at your phone? Don’t know why I expected you
To give me attention, affection and love
You’re like a drug, never enough
Can’t take you high, need a new plug
You got me been, got me way too messed up….
The vulnerable side we all have. This song is very straight forward, questioning habits after being in a long-term relationship. What happens after that. This song you won’t be able to help it, and it’ll give you flasbacks.

Track 15- “Hold me by the heart”
Wasn’t sure I’d be alright
Wasn’t sure I’d be okay again
Didn’t know how to take flight
Wings broken couldn’t seem to bend
Somehow you came and like the wind, you picked me up for good
And now I know what I have missed, I’ve been thinking that you should…
Her album ends with the sweetest side of Kehlani. The flow of this song, will give you a calm, peaceful vibe. The cutest thing you could confess to someone.


I love her chill outfits, and her style. An everyday look, baggy sweater, jeans and Nikes.


Track 16- “I wanna Be”
Tell me what I gotta do to make you fall in love
Tell me what I gotta do to make you want this love
Tell me what I gotta do to keep you coming my way
Tell me what I gotta do, I’ll come and pick you up….
This song has a mix of sexy and sweet. A very strong woman that knows, what she wants and she’s not afraid of saying it.
Her entire album is amazing. It has all types of personalities that a woman could have. Can’t wait for the future projects, she’ll do. And she makes the bay area people proud. Her music and looks are also inspiring, If you haven’t listen to her album yet, give it a try. It’s on Itunes, You Tube, you name it just do it. Chances are you won’t regret it.

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