The best is yet to come: Writer struggles

After being replaced from an opportunity to grow as a sports writer, I left my town Morgan Hill, Calif. to Alameda, Calif. for the weekend.
As terrible as it may sound, it really isn’t but I wanted to share my part failure with you guys. This is far away from being failure but practice.
I used to be such an irresponsible person, and I would bitch about everything that went wrong. I would say things like;
“But I don’t get it, I know I didn’t turn this in, and came late but that’s because I don’t understand how to do it!.”
I would find excuses instead of finding a solution to my problems. Well I stopped being that person long time ago, and this entire 2017; all I’ve been doing is improving a better version of myself.
When I got replaced from my school’s newspaper without any advanced notice, I was told it was because I couldn’t attend the class and part of the production week due to my job.
And even though they didn’t say it, I’m assure that my experience influenced on their decision. I don’t blame them, I made a good amount of mistakes, but isn’t it the way people learn.
I couldn’t feel guilty, sad, or even mad. Here’s the thing, when you know all the work you’ve been putting into you realized that you can’t be hard on yourself.
All the mistakes I’ve made in the newspaper, I took notes and every upcoming issue or meeting I tried to make sure it didn’t happen again.
I noticed that effort, I am the one who still believes in me so I decided not to over think, waste time and move on.
It takes that one person who is willing to teach you, become a mentor, and sometimes that person is you.
All this student drama I went through brought me to my perfect place, Alameda downtown. This cute little town knows how to inspire me,and bring the best of me.
From visiting my favorite vintage store and treat myself with some cute sweaters, and watching bad moms. I hung out with my awesome friend, and her crazy cute cat.
Sunday was actually the day I spent it on my own. It was amazing, for some reason I enjoy my own company a lot.
As I mentioned, I wasn’t going to waste time so I brainstormed ideas, then I planned them all out ready to create my own opportunities. All of these while I was having some delicious tacos at La Penca Azul.

Eating at La Penca Azul, and my little table

Right when I walked in I saw this little table that I hate because is right at the corner, and super small. Sure enough they ended up seating me there.
Very convenient that table for one. As I was eating and planning everything out, I listened to the family of five right next to me.
It was the most lovable thing I heard that day. The grandpa was telling his grandson that looked between 16 to 17 years-old to keep on going and never take education for granted.
I ended my evening coming to Cinema Grill, and have a drink. It was that last moment of the night where I told myself that as a woman I’m going to work twice as harder, prove them wrong and prove myself right.
I’m starting fresh this November, my goal is not only to grow as a writer but help those who need it along the way.
I’m going to help by sharing my journey with you guys, no matter how disappointing or embarrassing situations I’ll get myself into.
I hope only great ones, but life wouldn’t be interesting without any obstacles.

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