Dragon House Cage fight series 27th

Dragon House MMA ( Mixed Martial Arts) cage fight event series was a full house on Nov.18 at the Kezar stadium in San Francisco.

Family, friends, and fans came out to support their favorite fighter that held a total of 22 matches.

From the nine amateur fights, David Solorzano from Dragon House team won against Leo Leon from Asylum team. Leaving Solorzano with a record of 2 wins and 4 loses.

Solorzano had a month and a half to prepared himself for this fight, and showed a great fight to spectators. Even though he won, Solorzano admitted he could of done better. “I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed but I was disappointed of my stand up,” Solorzano said.

He also mentioned being surprised by his opponent . “ He came out pretty good, didn’t think his hands were going to be that good but I was surprised in that part. He was a good opponent but I could of done a lot better, “ Solorzano mentioned.

Undefeated Pro fighter Brady Huang from Dragon House team had his supporters celebrating after he won his second Feather Weight title. As he was being carried going in circles inside the cage by one his teammates, celebrating his victory.

throughout the three rounds Brady and his opponent Roger Severson had spectators anxious to see who was going to take the title, since both fighters didn’t make it easy to predict it.

Brady Huang has a record of 7 wins, 0 loses.

Finalizing with the main event of the evening, Pro fighter Brandon Laroco won by RNC ( rear naked choke) on the third round against pro fighter Adin Duenas. Brandon Laroco has a record of 3-1.

David Solorzano after his fight
Brady Huang at the announcement of his win

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